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tv   Lockup Special Investigation Lake County Juvenile  MSNBC  March 5, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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top of the hour right now. we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage in west palm beach, florida. he came out briefly, then left. apparently didn't realize he hadn't been called the winner yet in kentucky in the caucuses there. we're still waiting for him to come out. here's what we know at this hour. donald trump is the projected winner in the louisiana republican primary. but ted cruz is a winner in kansas. cruz won the republican fight
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there and in maine. hillary clinton is the projected winner of the louisiana primary, again the only primary on the democratic side. bernie sanders the winner of the kansas democratic caucus and nebraska democratic caucus. he's doing well in caucuses. any way, the race there in kentucky is too early to call. donald trump has the lead but he's not been declared the winner. kristen, secretary clinton suffered defeats in nebraska and kansas. bernie sanders wins on the caucuses and there's still the open question, can he extend his reach beyond those two places? >> that continues to be the big question. of course, when you look at a state like louisiana, roughly half of the voters there,
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african-american. this has become secretary clinton's base. it has helped her to win victories throughout the south. we saw that on super tuesday. but what happened tonight was significant, chris. look, both campaigns were expecting this outcome. senator sanders winning these two caucuses in kansas and nebraska. but he did gain a little bit of momentum in doing that, in holding his ground there essentially. and they are arguing that's going to give the momentum heading into michigan. there's no doubt that the clinton campaign thinks that michigan could get tighter. recent polls have shown her with a large lead, but we have seen, particularly in a case like iowa, for example, senator sanders close the gap with secretary clinton. you're seeing that bear out in her strategy tomorrow. former president bill clinton is going to be here. chelsea clinton has a number of events she will be unveiling a new initiative with the mayor of flint to address that water crisis, something that resonates
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with african-american voters throughout flint and the state of michigan. the clinton campaign is saying if you add up the delegate count in nebraska and kansas, it adds up to the delegate count in louisiana. so they don't think that this really chips away at her delegate lead. and ultimately this comes down to math. but what we're looking at is senator sanders regaining some of the momentum he had lost on super tuesday. i think that is going to tee up what will be a very heated debate here in flint tomorrow night. >> let's go to senator sanders right now. he's won in nebraska and kansas, both the caucuses. let's hear him now. i guess we're not going to him. let me ask you about the republican thing as we wait for trump. donald trump, will he take it well tonight that he won louisiana and declare victory? >> if he follows his form, he'll say, you know, he won two, if he
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does win two, and i'm sure he'll say the two he lost are caucuses. he did very poorly in the cpac straw poll. ted cruz won easily, marco rubio was second. normally that wouldn't matter. >> not to quibble, with you the kind of people that go to cpac remind me of the movement conservatives. >> trump has been hugely popular. first time i thought he was a plausible presidential candidate was at a cpac five years ago. he got the best reaction by far. >> was he smart to go or not to go? >> given what happened, which is that he decided not to go and went to kansas to campaign where he then got a bad reception and did not do well, there's a -- it
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didn't work out very well for him. >> i just -- trump is the overwhelming favorite. let's see how he handles the press conference. this is one of the rougher patches he's had. let's see how he handles it. >> why does he hold press conferences on election nights rather than rallies? >> he's only done it once. >> see the flags? what do the flags mean? >> i'm president of the united states. this is about projecting. he's cagey enough to recognize that -- and it's even heightened this week, that establishment republicans look at him and say he's nuts, his temperament is bad, he's this and that. he's got to start projecting the notion something that looks presidential. and his speeches sometimes can get -- >> how does he -- i argue -- i'm not his campaign manager, i got real problems with him. but as reagan said, you work the difference. he's been a builder. he does stuff.
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he's not a great debater. he doesn't do schtick for a living. why doesn't he talk about rebuilding the country? talk big, positive stuff? every labor union would have no problem backing him. >> i would predict you will hear a lot of that in the general election if he's the nominee. >> he's credible. >> you occasionally hear things about he criticizes the rail system in the u.s. >> how about jfk airport, how about the train station in new york. >> he's done so many other things that are provocative. he is saying some of those things. if he becomes the nominee, he'll talk about that all the time. >> i wanted to give a picture to america that would make me fall in love with a presidential candidate would be a rebuilding of the railroads across the country. that's a notion that could excite the country. >> a lot of republicans would say that's not a job for a federal government. >> lincoln thought it was. >> a lot of republicans have. >> eisenhower built the highway
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system. lincoln built the railroad season. >> trump has easily been the best performing candidate in this race. i think he has tons of room to do better. but trump must be trump. he cannot abandon this style and the issues that have got him here. >> they talk about him as being a bad influence on american politics. i know that argument and i agree to a lot of it. i don't believe that's all he's offering by any means. he's offering something that people say, i've been waiting for this. something that does make people happy. >> he's an optimistic guy and wants america to be great again. that's why he is running. it's an authentic aspiration. people can criticize tons of things about him, but he has a simple message, and that strikes a chord with a lot of people. >> why is he the first guy to think about america, not the
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government, not society. bernie talks about society. and this guy talks about the country, we're going to beat the russians and chinese, we're going to even take on the canadians. >> it's helpful to not be a person of government and not think about government. this is the way most business people talk about -- they don't think about the government or washington. they don't think about regulations. they mostly think about what you can do outside of those restrictions. >> hillary wants the desk and the flip charts and the pen and they want in that office, and so does cruz. mark and john, thank you. stay with us. we'll have reporters with us from washington. let's start with alexis. thank you for joining us. what do you know at this hour of the night? >> one thing i keep hearing is
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this a really rough night for marco rubio. you know, they came out and said this was never a night we expected to do well. he canceled events in louisiana and kentucky. but the results that are coming in are even worse for him that i think he anticipated. he lost in maine, he lost the portland area, which is an area he should have done well in. and also in kansas, people i was talking to there were like oh, he's going to win the area around kansas city. he lost to cruz pretty badly. so the results coming in are not looking good for him. >> again, i ask the question, alexis, was that because his performance just two nights ago in that rather ridiculous debate? >> i don't know. i think it's hard to say. that's certainly potentially contributing to it. i think you're starting to see the cruz campaign and also the kasich campaign making the case, guys, why are we saying keep the alternative to trump? this isn't jiving with the results that we're getting. >> amanda, your thoughts of
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tonight? i think we will see a resounding effect from the debate ago, that it's helping kasich and not rubio. >> that's what i'm hearing, rubio stooped to trump's level. donald trump in kansas, he was basically -- there was no presence there. when he announced he was coming to kansas, he spelled wichita and kansas wrong. >> wait a minute, how do you spell kansas wrong? >> it was clearly a typo. but it didn't look very good. the cruz campaign was saying look, we are running a grassroots campaign. this is what we like to do. it's very hard thing to do. this shows why we are better prepared for the general election than rubio or donald trump. >> let me go to ely on this. i heard you got news for us. >> i don't know, we're watching louisiana pretty closely.
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the numbers -- trump's margin is narrowing significantly as the votes come in from today. he did very well with early voters down there in louisiana, as he's done in a lot of these states. but late deciders haven't necessarily gone with trump. so that maybe buttresses your point, maybe the debate the other night wasn't so good for donald trump. we've seen this in other states, trump supporters really committed. but there is an opening perhaps as the race goes forward and trump continues to get hit with all this incoming, our principles pac that people are pumping money into, plans to spend $20 million dropping negative ads. marco rubio is going in, seems to be fading heading into this must-win in florida. but he will have a lot of ammuniti ammunition. it remains to be seen if trump can withstand that opposition.
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>> mark, it seems like jump, he's like frank sinatra used to be. any bum in a bathroom in a bar could fight with the guy. why does trump fall for the picking at him from rubio? he just picks at him and he goes red faced. he looks terrible on camera. why does he care what rubio says? >> when all candidates when they react to situations, some do it out of instinct, and some do it because their advisers say this is the right thing to do. trump is all instinct. if he's hit, he hits back. look at rosie o'donnell. it's served him well up until now. now that the field is winnowed down, if two candidates fight, a
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lot of voters say both lose, and the other two guys may be rising. >> i'll tell you a story. the editor of "vanity fair," christened donald trump a short fingered vul garian. >> meaning? >> he had short fingers and he was a bulgarian. that was 25 years ago. trump still, to this day, sends carter things in the mail on a yearly basis with pictures of his hands, circled in a gold pen saying see, they're not short. so why does he let marco rubio get under his skin? because people get under donald trump's skin. apparently to the point that a schoolyard insult like that from 25 years ago is still bothering him. >> michael dukakis lost an
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election because he never fought back. john kerry never responded to the swift boat attacks. is donald trump stupid to fight back even with the little charges? >> trump comes in doing this brilliantly since the beginning. whatever you say about him, the man knows how to work a media cycle and step on everyone else's parade. after the houston debate, marco rubio finally landed a clean hit on donald trump. that seemed like a big deal. no one has done that since carly fiorina. the next day, trump rolls out a chris christie endorsement. trump is like, what debate? we didn't have a debate. >> that was like reagan invading grenada of what happened in lebanon. amanda, let me ask you this whole thing about fighting back. some people are just who they are. you can analyze it to death. but trump is the kind of guy if
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you smack him, he smacks back and smacks back harder. >> yes, and marco rubio, he's not that good at it. he's a little better than jeb bush was, but -- >> you mean big donald? that was a wicked comeback, okay, big donald. >> right. it was because he had been saying little marco. >> but it's better to be big donald than little marco. >> part of trump's genius is figuring out what might irk another person and he was doing that early on with jeb bush, low energy. and it really did work. now you have ted cruz, marco rubio a choke artist, and he's going to keep repeating it over and over and over, and it really does stick. so far none of the other candidates have been as good at that. when they do drop to his level, they don't come out looking very good. >> who is the choke -- who is the choke guy? >> marco rubio, he was calling
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the choke artist. >> once you've been called the choke artist, you continue to be the choke artist. we continue to wait for donald trump to take the stage in west palm beach, his venue of choice tonight. we're still waiting for a result in the kentucky republican caucus. i guess donald trump is too, so he can score two before he talks about. our election coverage continues after this.
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we're all waiting right now for donald trump to take the stage and stay there in west palm beach, florida. he walked out, then walked away. there's uncertainty about what's going on in kentucky, maybe even in louisiana. even way, steve kornacki has new
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information. >> we can just give you an update on where kentucky stands. more than half the vote in right now. it's been a little slow, the reporting in kentucky, one of the reasons, this is a caucus tonight. this is the first time kentucky has held a caucus, a republican caucus in the presidential race. when rand paul was running, he got the state party to switch it in an effort to help his campaign. it may be high turnout, a state party that wasn't quite equipped to deal with it. but donald trump, and this margin has been shrinking the last hour, so down to four points. we can show you why. we just got the vote in the last few minutes right here around lexington. that pen's not working. right here around lexington, it just came in. it was a pretty big win for ted cruz there. we are waiting for the biggest thing out right now is in louisville. i'm wondering if this just came
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in as i hit the update button. let me see if we got a result there. look at that, jefferson county just came in. this is louisville, the biggest city in the state, the biggest county in the state. biggest vote producer in the state and donald trump narrowly beating ted cruz in jefferson county. so a little news while i'm standing here. that's a significant development there for donald trump. biggest piece of outstanding real estate and trump carried it by about 500, 600 votes. >> how much vote do we have in now? >> 70%. that's the difference. jefferson county was 52%. when you went to me, it jumped to 70% because we got louisville in. now we have 2/3 of the vote in. donald trump with a four-point lead statewide that's a significant development for him to get louisville. >> so it can tighten to a cruz victory? >> you've got to look at the big
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areas. i pointed out this earlier. i was trying to stay this was suburban cincinnati. cincinnati, ohio on the other side. for some reason, i said bowling green, ohio. any way, suburban cincinnati. this is sort of rand paul's area. it's reported there's a few other counties around here not quite as big, but ted cruz did very well up there. you're seeing more counties to fill in where donald trump has been leading. so we were all looking for lexington and louisville. lexington, that county a 600 win for ted cruz. that cancels out by what trump got out of louisville. so a positive development for trump. >> what's interesting is you know mitch mcconnell and rand paul comes from out there. and now we see that there's a contest between cruz and trump. how do you put it together politically? mitch mcconnell, the establishment republican, rand
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paul, the libertarian and his father was too, and now a contest between a real conservative like cruz and this maverick, trump. >> you had ted cruz that went to the floor of the senate and accused mitch mcconnell of lying and his main opponent is donald trump. and mitch mcconnell is saying if donald trump is the winner, you should run ads against him. >> one guy calls him a liar and the other guy scares him. >> marco rubio barely beating out kasich for third place. >> that's interesting to watch the kasich run on rubio. i don't know what it means, a better showing in michigan next tuesday. a win perhaps in ohio. but it doesn't look good for rubio when he goes home in florida. >> the good news for rubio, we've been talking about these delegate thresholds all night.
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there is a low delegate threshold for kentucky. rubio will collect delegates at least in kentucky tonight. >> thanks, steve kornacki. let me come back to heather and michael. michael, this party of yours, still is your party, is getting complicated. this is a great exhibit. mitch mcconnell, leader of the republicans in the senate. rand paul, the leader of the libertarian movement, if you will. and of course, you've got trump now who has basically declared war on the entire republican establishment and ted cruz calling mitch mcconnell a liar. >> this is how people feel in the country. the reality is, this is not about ideology anymore or about philosophy. this is about how we feel about the leadership of our party, and what they have nailed to do over these many years, going back to the end of the reagan term, and
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right through the bush term. there's been this growing seed of discontent and rand paul and ted cruz have reflected from time to time. it's now come to a head and it's manifest in a guy like trump. tonight what we're seeing as we get to the environment which is just republicans. republicans are saying we can really make this a two-man race between trump, who is the populist. >> they're had at the leadership of the republican party because they don't hate obama enough. basically tar and feather the guy. they just simply vote against him. >> it's pretty wild. we're living in an alternate universe where progressives are saying it's unbelievable to which the republican congress has tried to stop this president from governing. >> mitch mcconnell said that was his goal in life seven years
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ago. >> and some might say that is an abdication of your duty as a member of our elected body. >> is that how you say things, some would say? >> a lot of people feel that leadership failed to do that, that they failed to stop obama on obamacare and some of the other things he's done. so that, again, is part of the backlash environment you're in. >> i think donald trump is doing what we're doing, waiting for clear results, we don't have them yet. he is apparently ahead in kentucky but is not the winner yet. and there may be something happening in louisiana. but trump came out on the stage a few moments ago, and then sort of hopped back off the stage because he heard the deal wasn't done. and he's a deal maker. there may be some little wiggle problem there in louisiana. he needs to win something before he comes out. we'll be back when donald trump comes on.
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he's in west palm beach, ready to hold a press conference. lots of news coming up. you're watching msnbc's special super saturday election coverage.
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we continue to wait for donald trump in florida now, we're also still waiting for results in kentucky. the race there, we've been reporting on is too early to call even now. but trump in the lead, though. but the louisiana courier is reporting that the caucus was plagued with problems. with me now from washington, perry bacon, heidi, and jane small. what do you make of this problem out there? i don't like caucuses, they're sloppily, they're not really democratic. they're not for everybody. and not always in democratic cases are they even private voting. you have to vote in public. what's going on? >> first-time caucusing is
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always really problematic. certainly this is a state that's never caucused before. the whole reason they created the caucuses is so that rand paul wouldn't be twice in the ballot, which is against the rules. so rand paul is running for senate again, and so you see his opponent, jim gray, the mayor of lexington, his democratic opponent saying this is just another example of rand paul's hubris and an embarrassment we can blame on rand paul. >> heidi, your view about the success or not thereof of caucuses in both parties this year? >> well, that's an important point to make here tonight, because we're making a lot out of ted cruz's potential momentum coming out of these races. but ted cruz has done well in all of the caucus states, and trump has lost almost all of the caucus states. so you have to remember that in
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these races, you are not seeing the independent voters, and the right leaning democratic voters who are really powering trump, able to even participate in some of these. they're close. and so that's one similarity to the past races, as well. >> jane, what's the purpose of a caucus? especially a closed party caucus where you can't vote if you're independent, you can only be registered one party or the other and you have to go through some sort of procedure to cast your opinion. you can't just show up and do it. you have to get engaged in meaning. >> it's about publicly declaring who you're for and why you're for that person. and it often times is about negotiating and letting people around you sway you, saying no, you shouldn't vote for that person and here's why. closed caucuses, you have
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everybody who has done these before, knows each other. local republican leaders are in there. new voters coming into the system, it can feel very cliquey. that seems to be the case for donald trump voters. and so it's an establishment kind of meme. >> perry, if you had to get some basics for the house and you had to choose between going to safeway to get the milk or going to a place where you have to go to a meeting and tell them what you're buying and discuss the prices with your neighbors, where would you go? >> i'm from kentucky, so i talked to people who voted in the caucuses today. this was not an iowa style caucus. the problem was the turnout was higher than they thought. there's 120 counties in kentucky and nine counties didn't even have a caucus location.
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a lot of the locations for the caucuses were just overfilled because the turnout was higher than expected. i talked to people in jefferson county where trump won, and there was just more enthusiasm for trump and not enough caucus locations because they were trying to save money by not having enough locations. that was a problem. enthusiasm was more than they planned for. >> what about these nine location, what happened to the voters? >> in these other nine counties, they went to another county to vote. but there was another -- because it was not a primary, there were fewer precinct locations and places to vote, usually in precincts in louisville, you can vote pretty much everywhere. and only nine locations in louisville to vote. so mainly a factor of they did not want to spend the money to have a primary. >> g.p.s. this for me. you go to a place that doesn't exist and you realize it doesn't exist. so you go to a place in the
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nearby county that does exist, how do you know where to go? how do you go to the right place if there isn't a wrong place? >> it was on the news last night all over where the caucus locations were. and then i think in the newspaper today. but it doesn't appear to be -- it doesn't appear the turnout was as large for a primary. bun little tidbit from the results in jefferson county in louisville, where the most voters of kentucky are, it appears that donald trump won the biggest county in louisville, but it looks like marco rubio did very well. he got 23% of the vote in jefferson county. and it looks like cruz and rubio split the vote of the louisville voters who are not trump. it looks like rubio having a bad night, may have stopped cruz from winning kentucky. >> what do you make of rubio, what is his appeal in that part of the country?
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what would be a rubio appeal in kentucky? >> you have around louisville and lexington, a lot of people who work in cincinnati actually live in kentucky. in those three areas, you have the sort of -- you have a lot of republicans with college degrees around louisville and lexington who tend to be for cruz and rubio. they're the kind of people who keep voting mitch mcconnell to the senate essentially. there is an establishment republican base in louisville, the mcconnell kind of people. my guess is a lot of them went for rubio opposed to cruz or trump. >> the old republicans from the civil war drights days, they're ideal logs.
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heidi, i would love to know where those people are voting today, born republican, almost like what religion you are, you vote that way because it's family tradition. those republicans i know still exist. where are they voting? >> i think they're voting for ted cruz. ted cruz started early on, according to evangelical voters. i think what we're starting to see is even though he face flopped in a lot of the southern states, he's going to make the argument looking at kansas and potentially here a strong showing in kentucky to the point where donald trump is -- we're all watching him, kind of holding back and feeling like he's maybe not going to take this state. that's a surprise. so i think they're basically coming back to cruz, maybe unifying somewhat as well with some of the establishment coming over. although i think coming out of these states, it's going to be hard for cruz to get that
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establishment vote to rally around him, just because there is so much bad blood with people in the congress who worked a lot with him. i think it's going to be a hard case for him to make, because remember the analysis, even just a month or so ago, was that -- wasn't clear whether the establishment would prefer donald trump over ted cruz, because he's just proven so difficult to work with. i think maybe he's making a case to the evangelicals and just enough of the establishment to be getting some traction coming out of these states tonight. again, i think we have to -- we're here, we're pundits but we have to keep in perspective that this overall kind of like the scraps coming out of super tuesday and sandwiched in between these big states that are going to matter a lot more in terms of closing out this race when you look to the states of michigan and ohio and florida. i think if trump takes florida and ohio, the calculation is
7:39 pm
still the same, that this is pretty much his race. >> i agree with you. i love the way you looked at that, and we're all going to try to figure out this puzzle over the next couple of weeks, because it is going to be the next ten days the most fascinating part of the election. thank you all. when we come back, new information in louisiana, hopefully. the possible warning sign for donald trump. trump does not want to come out except as a winner. our coverage continues after this.
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we're still waiting for donald trump to take the stage in florida. waiting to see whether he's ready to accept victory in louisiana, which he apparently has won according to us.
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steve kornacki is at the board with new information on that contest. louisiana, what's the wiggle room? >> what happened here is early on, we called this early, we had big margins we were showing you, and we were showing you the polling from right before the primary showed a giant donald trump win. the early numbers we put on the screen, yet look at this. three quarters of the vote in, and this is a tight race, five-point lead for donald trump. it's been -- the margin has been going between 5,000 and 10,000 votes all night. here's what's happened. basically, this has to do with the early vote. they did early voting from february 20th to 27th in this state. it looks like more than 10% of the vote statewide is people who cast their ballots early. look at the difference. the difference between what happens in early voting and what's happening today with voting. let's take this parish, about 100,000 people live here. ted cruz has won this won.
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he won by a couple of points over donald trump. it's basically all reported now. now 15% of the vote in that parish was cast long before tonight. let's show you the results from early voting. it was donald trump -- let me get the number. donald trump with 51%, ted cruz with 26% and marco rubio with 19%. we are seeing this across the state tonight. in the early voting, donald trump racked up a very big win. you had donald trump dominating in the early voting. again, february 20th through 27th. today, show, we have the actual primary. look at the result. ted cruz is 16 points higher today than the early voting. donald trump 11 points lower and rubio falling off. it looks like rubio and trump lost support to cruz. so cruz is winning in places tonight that he lost in the early voting.
7:45 pm
that's one of the reasons this is looking a lot closer than it did earlier and one of the reasons donald trump could still breathe a little easy here. some of these places cruz is winning, you still don't have the early vote counting. again, chris, talking about did anything happen in the last week of this campaign? this is the clearest proof that we have that something major happened in the last week to shift votes. >> we don't know whether it was the david duke connection or the crazy performance at the debate two nights ago. >> take the 27th at your cutoff line. >> thanks, steve. that's fascinating. heather? >> interesting stuff. >> there's movement day-to-day in this campaign, when something rocks it like this crazy inability of trump to separate himself from david duke. >> i think donald trump is
7:46 pm
feeling a little less than a winner. when people began to attack him, the fact that he was on the debate stage getting hammered the same way he was giving out the hammers before, it's important. donald trump's brand is winner. when he's back on his heels, he loses that. >> i think, though, in combination with that, the kkk/david duke piece played probably a bigger role than people suspect. because at the end of the day, people just don't want to be associated with that in any way. >> that's why i call it a dog whistle. something that you can deny that it's racist. the kkk is probably the one thing -- you can say mexicans are racist, but that's not racist. >> any sentence that has kkk and david duke in it, the answer is no out of the box. i think it pulled some people back and it just happened for cruz to be at a point where he was making that argument that caught as well.
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so for rubio and kasich, it wasn't a play for them. for cruz, he saw the opportunity because donald trump opened up this door. >> i think david duke wasn't mentioned for 20 years. and somehow he's back because of this stupid event where he endorsed, i guess, and trump couldn't unendorse him. >> couldn't walk away from it clean enough. >> let's remember that ted cruz -- he's still the republican of today. he's not donald trump who is pushing back against some of the now right wing economic orthodoxy. ted cruz would give the richest americans each a $2 million tax cut. he still is very much for your working class and middle class americans, going to be more of the same.
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>> where is he on the big issues, cruz, since he did so well tonight, was he for the iraq war or not? was he for free trade or not? >> he's an orthodox republican. >> for free trade? >> he wraps himself in free market ideology, right? he wants to carpet bomb the middle east. >> is that orthodoxy? i don't think republicans are that happy about what happened in iraq. i disagree. >> i agree, republican voters and officials are very different. >> this is msnbc's live coverage of super saturday. back with more after this.
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with me now from washington
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is nbc senior political reporter perry bacon. no, here comes donald trump, the long-awaited victory speech for, i believe, louisiana and maybe claiming victory in kentucky. we'll see. we haven't done that for him. more's trump making his way in. we're waiting to see what kind of temperament he shows tonight. will it be one of the presidential type things we saw after super tuesday. the flags are in place. we'll see if his temperament is. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, everybody. i greatly appreciate it. nice to have you all at trump international. it's been a great club and a great success and we appreciate it. have so many of our members. it's beautiful. it's been a really amazing night. i've been in competitions all of my life, and there is nothing so exciting as this stuff. nothing. [ applause ]
7:53 pm
winning deals or winning club championships, whatever you want to say, there's nothing like this. it's really exciting stuff. and very important. above all else, it's very, very important. so i want to thank the people of louisiana and the people of kentucky. it's been just an amazing relationship. [ applause ] amazing relationship. and rand paul, your senator in kentucky, fought very, very hard today and for the last number of weeks, fighting us every inch of the way. and we won, and we won by quite a few votes. so i'm very happy about it. so thank you to louisiana. and thank you to kentucky. i want to really thank the folks from maine and from kansas. we came in second and we really didn't spend very much time. we spent two hours in one place and 2 1/2 hours in the other. and we came in with a strong second. so i want to thank those folks
7:54 pm
and i want to congratulate ted on maine and kansas. he should do well in maine because it's very close to canada, let's face it. [ laughter ] i think marco rubio had a very, very bad night, and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. i think it's time that he drop out of the race. [ applause ] i think it's probably time. i don't think tonight he can get up and rant and rave. he comes in third and fourth. every time he comes in third or fourth -- >> we have another call tonight in kentucky. and the caucuses there, the republican caucuses, donald trump has won. that's a primary victory for him in louisiana and now a caucus victory in kentucky. so he's 2 for 4 tonight. let's go back to donald trump.
7:55 pm
>> i want ted one on one, okay? [ applause ] so i think one of the reasons we did so well tonight, and so strong is that we did -- we really had a good debate. i think we did very well. i was hit from every side, every angle that you could be hit from, very viciously, but we did very well in the debate. i do say this, we're marching along and i think we're doing very well in florida. today i was in orlando. we had a group of at least 20,000 people. we had to send 10,000 people away. the police was packed and it was an amazing day. and i love the people of florida. it's my second home. we're in florida tonight. and i just want to thank florida for being -- it's just incredible. and i'm looking at the poll numbers. [ applause ] even though i've never seen any
7:56 pm
human being hit with more negative commercials than i've been hit with. no human being should have to have $40 million spent on negative commercials. and despite that, we have a tremendous lead in florida. and hopefully we're going to do very well. i think we'll do very well in ohio. i worked when i was a young guy at swifton village in cincinnati. i think we're going to do fantastic in ohio. i love that state. i love the people of the state. so hopefully we'll do very well there. the biggest story in all of politics suspe politics isn't what's happening tonight or super tuesday. but the tremendous outpouring of voters coming into the republican party. you're seeing what's happening. [ applause ] millions and millions of people are coming in and voting and they've never seen anything like it before. they're doing covers on "time" magazine because it's a movement. what's happening is a movement.
7:57 pm
i'm honored to say if i were not involved, that wouldn't be happening. i'll say i'm kidding, because i want them to say i'm a nice person. but you're talking about millions and millions of people, and we have a dynamic party. and as a party, we should come together and stop this foolishness. we have something, and i was thinking about it today for the first time. the establishment is very unhappy with the way things are going. ky understand that, although i used to be part of the establishment. seven months ago before i decided to run, i was part of the establishment, but now i'm not. when i announced, they said why is he running? we want people that we can control. we want people that we can give money to so that if we want something for pharmaceuticals or for lumber or utilities or oil and gas, we have total control over our senator or our congressman. so i'm self-funding, i'm not
7:58 pm
taking their money. they have no control. i'm going to do what's right for the american people and that's very simple. [ applause ] so they're not happy. but i was thinking today, because i love the republican party. and i love the conservatives. and i love a lot of people that are very good friends of mine. and i've been a member for a long time. today i was thinking for the first time, really thinking about this. we lost a great man, justice scalia. he needs to be replaced, and you can only replace him with somebody truly great. he can never be replaced. he was really something. a very, very good friend of my sister, who is a federal judge on the court of appeals. and highly respected. and we have -- and that was totally unexpected. it just shows what happens. totally unexpected. so we have a situation where they're now saying maybe we're not going to be able to beat trump the normal way, so we'll run a third party candidate.
7:59 pm
and maybe we can't get in all the states, but we'll do enough so that it's impossible for donald trump to win. what are they doing? we're going to appoint me, going to appoint a conservative, great judge, high intellect, very conservative, something that will make the people in the republican party very happy. someone that will make the people very happy. if they run a third party or an independent party, if they do that, it will make it impossible for the republican candidate on the assumption it's me or anybody, to win. if that means losing, that means that hillary clinton, who should not be allowed to run because of what she did with the e-mails, should not be allowed to run -- [ applause ] but on the assumption that they did that, it would be impossible for the republican to win. obviously the independent or
8:00 pm
third party could not win. so the democrats would have an absolute free run. probably you wouldn't even campaign because it would be impossible to win. so what does that mean? automatically, they are going to appoint very, very liberal judges. and all of this time that the republicans are fighting, saying we don't win president obama to appoint the judge, it's not going to matter, because the new president, who would be a democrat, will appoint the judge. so it no longer matters. >> it's the top of the hour, listening to donald trump in west palm beach, florida. tonight he won the louisiana primary. also the caucus in kentucky. let's listen to trump. >> start thinking about that, folks. anybody that does a third party, that's what it is going to mean, very simple. it guaranties 100% the election to the democrat. that means the appointment of supreme court judges. three,


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